Institutions and foster homes

Bufetat reported whistleblower.

Institution let boy (10) walk outdoors at night.
Children who have been victims of sexual abuse are placed in the same institution as abusers.
Only 2 out of 22 children in CPS institution in Sør-Trøndelag county got the required educationRead more
A trip to Thailand. Read more
The CPS wanted to send child to Gambia.
CPS children living alone.
CPS children live alone in a hotel.
Ran away to her mother – beaten by the police.
Rather prison than Øvsttunsenteret.
Norwegian Female Pedophile Predators go Free and stay in job at Oslo orphanages.
Girl moved 13 times.
Children searched by routine.
CPS child kicked and beaten.
CPS institution closed.


Last modified April 19, 2014