07.05.2023. US Supreme court gives police a green light to use force against unarmed civilians who have already surrendered or complied

28.01.2023. Cop Gets Wrist Slap After pleading Guilty to Torturing Innocent Dad in Front of Kids, Tasering His Testicles
14.12.2022: Cop Fired But Never Charged for Feeding Homeless Man a Literal ‘Sh*t Sandwich’ — Is a Cop Again
05.10.2022. Officer Beaten to Death by Fellow Cops While Investigating 4 Cops for Gang Rape
Black Children were jailed for a Crime that doesn’t exist. Read more here
Police Chief Demanded to Rape Cop’s Wife, 12yo Daughter in Exchange Promotion—NOT FIRED
Cop who was not fired after first arrest, fired again – for child rape – still not fired
Cop arrested for robbing over a dozen people – dept knew about it, let him keep job
Good cop being forced out for exposing corruption says fellow cop put gun to his head to scare him
No Justice for Indian Grandfather Left Paralyzed by Alabama Cop – Mistrial Declared.
Arrested and beaten because he had “No legitimate purpose”.
Two Officers Attacked by Dept for Exposing Fellow Cops’ Corruption.
Police Dept Caught Giving Preference to Job Candidates who Said they Wouldn’t Arrest Fellow Cops.
Sheriff David Clarke on freedom of speech.
Police chief fired when he did not want to rehire cop who stomped on teenagers face.
Former Baltimore Cop Goes on Joe Rogan Podcast.
NYPD officer who being arrested 3 times in 7 months – still not fired.
New Orleans Cops Charged with Child Porn, Rape Still Working as Cops.
Deputies rewarded for tickets.
Cop caught on video falsifying charges.
Cop who admitted felony child abuse gets promoted weeks later.
Still working as a cop after shooting at minivan full of children.
Teacher Facing Obstruction Charges for Trying to Stop School Cop as He Choked a Child.
City Officials to Family: 12-Year-Old boy “Directly Responsible” for His Own Death.
Missouri police caught in disgusting quota scheme.
Report: U.S. Cops Deceptively Force false Confessions from Children at Staggeringly High Rate.
An 11-year-old girl arrested after reported being raped
Cop faces no consequences for illegal acts.
Cop will not be charged for pepper spraying boy lying in bed.
Judge Drops Charges Against Two Cops Caught On Camera Pummeling a Handcuffed Man
‘Good cop’ could go to jail after reporting misconduct in his department.
Police caught on video viciously attacking man.
Cop claims it is “against the law” to film him.