10.10.2020. Cop who was not fired after first arrest, fired again – for child rape – still not fired
12.09.2020. Employees at Sandia National laboratories required to be subject to indoctrination.
09.08.2020. Utah Woman faces life in jail after allegedly buying red protest paint
08.08.2020. Erdogan’s push for more social media lawa is another step towards silencing dissent
05.08.2020. Epstein Docs: Bill Clinton on ‘Pedo Island’ w / ‘oung girls’, FBI told about child rape and did nothing
01.08.2020. Honey, I Shrunk the People’s Constitutional Rights
27.07.2020. Cop arrested for robbing over a dozen people – dept knew about it, let him keep job
27.07.2020. Good cop being forced out for exposing corruption says fellow cop put gun to his head to scare him
12.05.2020. Benjamin Netanyahu suggests microchipping kids
03.05.2020. Police Asks Brits to Call Them If ‘Friends or Family’ Repeat Conspiracy Theories
18.04.2020. Academic website announces it will not tolerate climate change denial
13.04.2020. Welcome to Fampo’s new website