The CPS let boy (10) walk alone at night

This article concerns a boy living in a CPS institution which allowed him to walk outdoors along one of the main Norwegian roads at night.

One night in July 2010 the couple Veronica and Kjell Kallestad were driving along the road E16. About 3 am they saw a small boy walking along the road. The boy told them that he wanted to walk to Bergen, 100 kilometers away. They found that quite far and contacted the police. The police did not know any missing boy and wanted to send a patrol from Åsane, 90 kilometers and 90 minutes away. The police did not want to wake up the police at Voss, 5 minutes away to see the child.

The Kallestads kept contact with the police and learned that the boy lived in a CPS institution at Voss – he had already walked 7 kilometers when he met the couple. The police informed the couple that they had called the police at Voss. Still, it took more than one hour to get someone to bring the boy back ; the employees at the institution did not manage/want to go and get the boy they were paid to take care of.

Both the police and the CPS said that the couple should not worry. They had talked with the CPS, and this was a boy who used to walk outdoors at night – often long walks; he tried to get home to his family in Bergen.