Various authoritarian tendencies

Social credit systems and the like

Sunderland – towards a social credit system?

Bolgna’s social credit system

Abuse of market power

27.10.22. PayPal reinstates $2,500 fine for misinformation

PayPal Says It Never Intended to Fine Users for ‘Misinformation’

PayPal Retracts New $2,500 Fine After Backlash!

04.03.22. German bank closes RT-affiliated companies’ accounts, 1 month after German-language channel’s launch announced

Digital money

24.03.2023. A call for digital money with additional features

Legal restrictions on freedom of speech

19.11.2022. Sweden’s parliament votes through controversial espionage law

05.01.2023. Zelensky signs media law criticized by journalist groups as authoritarian

29.11.2020. Thousands protest against France’s new national security bill

Vaccine passports

19.11.2022. Only ‘Then You Can Move Around’—G20 Pushes Vaccine Passports for ALL Vaccines for All Future  Int’l Travel