A call for digital money with additional features

Erik Strand, 24.03.2023

In an article on the Norwegian Broadcasting Company’s (NrK) websites on March 16, 2023, we can read that the Norwegian central bank and about 90 % of all central banks worldwide consider solutions for what money might be in the future. The article states that Digital Central Bank Currencies (DCBC) might be the solution. The article discusses some of the more obvious practical features such money should have, like being able to function offline in a crisis.

The article then presents a view from a man with some thoughts on what DCBD can be. The state owned Norwgian broadcasting company presents the ideas of Glenn Sæstad, a 28 years old designer who has been awarded a presigeous prize by the instititution DOGA for his ideas on what DCBC might be. Glenn Sæstad regards DCBC as a golden opportunity to turn society in a greener direction.

In Sæstad’s future scenario there exist digital money which can be spent only in a specfic region, in order to encourage local devellopment. Another example is a long term payment system for the construction sector, in order to secure a long lifetime for newly constructed buildings. Sæstad adds that what he has described in his master thesis is not necessarily something that should be introduced. The goal has been to create a discussion about the potential uses of digital money.