Suspended from Mastodon

Erik Strand, 11.12.2022

Today, Stian Dalberg shared the story on his suspensison from the social media platform Mastodon (with a screenshot). What is interesting here, is the stated reason for the suspension. There is no mention of threaths, hate speech or the like, just a vague and rather subjective description of the totality of Dalberg’s contributions on Mastodon. The diecision and its justification are cited below. The justification is partially written in poor Norwegian, which explains some oddities in my translation. The original text is quoted here,

The decisison and its justification:

“You can no longer use your account, and your profile and other data are no longer accessible. You can still login to request a backup of your data until the data is fully removed in 30 days, but we will retain some basic data to prevent you from evading the suspension.

After reviewing posts, it is clear that it is a very special arrangement you are conducting, and suspend you on the background that I am not comfortable with being held responsible for your speech.

Everything is on a boundary track, and over and over again there are themes that are suspect. The problem is not that one talks about things.

But the content, the texts, are somewhat schizophrenic, and things are very strange and out of context. In a way where you create space for furthering things and expressions that leads on to rather dark paths.”