What is Dag Hagen Berg doing?

Erik Strand 21.01.2023

Being active in a political party can be interesting. One can find at platform for adressing the public with important issues and meet people with a similiar mindset. It can also be frustrating. There seems to be no end to the popping up of people active in the business of intriues, bullshit and other annoying activities. Such people consume time and effort. They might also be successful in getting people with honest intentions to give up. In this way they can succeed in being destructive without necessarily win the open and visible battle they start.

As a long time activist in the Coastal Party in Norway, I have seen enough bullshit behaviour from people who should know better. In this article I shall present a contribution from Dag Hagen Berg. I start with an introduction. Among other things, Dag Hagen Berg is a former head of office for the Coastal Party’s parliamentary group. A search via the website Proff.no indicates that Berg is the chairman of Oslo Nei til EU (the Oslo chapter of the main organisation opposing Norwegian EU membership), Hålogaland Mållag (local chapter of an organisastion furthering Norway’s second most used language) and an entity called Kystalliansen

When I bacame active in the Coastal party and participated in the party’s national meetings, I learned to know Dag Hagen Berg as a person with no formal occupation in the organisation helping the administration as a kind of secretary. As time passed on, I got acquainted with some other sides of his contributions to the party.

In 2022 there were furthered demands of a national meeting being held in the Coastal Party. Those who furthered this demand, claimed that they represented a large enough number of county chapters to be able to demand a national meeting according to the party statutes. The party leadership dismissed the request, stating that county chapters involved in this demand were not founded in a way that could be accepted (not all members being summoned, not enough paying members in the board). I will not discuss this dispute further here.

Those who demanded a national meeting being held, summoned to a meeting in Landsstyret (the highest organ in the Party between the national meetings, consisting of the Board members and one representative from each county chapter) on December 19 2022. No Board members participated. In January 2023, the Party leadership received an mail from the register in Brønnøysund (where the boards of Norwegian companies and organisations are registered). Someone had tried to register a new board in the party. The case handler in Brønnøysund correctly dismissed the attempt as the new board had been elected at a meeting in Landsstyret and not a national meeting.

He who tried to register a new party leadership, was Dag Hagen Berg. If he had succeded, the new “board” could have used the registration in the Brønnøysund register in order to take over the party’s bank account.

Proof of the attempt to register a new board can be seen here.

The protocol from the meeting in Landsstyret, sent to Brønnøysund in the attempt to register a new board, can be read here.

The protocol reveals that Dag Hagen Berg participated in the meeting in Landsstyret representing the Coastal Party in Oslo. I am the last person who was elected as a chairman in Oslo. As we did dot have enough willing people to elect a new chapter board in Oslo, activity ceased. But I have never heard of anyone electing Dag Hagen Berg as a chapter leader in Oslo. What is more, according to the register in Brønnøysund (screenshot taken in January 2023), Dag Hagen Berg is elected chair member in neighbouring county Viken (a county soon to ble split into three smaller counties). The board which Berg is a part in, was elected in 2022. Anyway, a former chief of staff for a political party’s former parliamentary group finds it OK to represent a “chapter” in Oslo when he is a board member in Viken, participating in electing a new party board in a meeting in an entity totally incompetent in electing a new party leadership according to the statutes and normal practice in political parties. He then tries to register the new “parti leadership” in the register in Brønnøysund, an aborted act that could cause severe harm to the party.