Censorship in social media

31.07.22. On visibility in social media
12.10.18. Top ten alternative media sites banned on Facebook and Twitter
Censorship by Twitter
31.07.22. Twitter and reply debosting
22.12.2022 How Twitter Rigged the Covid Debate
14.09.21. Facebook Allows Some High-Profile Users To Break Rules
An open letter from editors of British Medical journal to Mark Zuckerberg
28.08.2022. When Billionaires And The Government Work Together To Control Information

Dr. Simon Goddek on how he got banned from Twitter
29.12.21. Twitter Suspends US Virologist Dr Robert Malone’s Account
26.11.22. Punching Down: How the “anti-disinformation” movement worked with Big Tech to protect Big Pharma
16.03.21. PEN Norway and MiA (The museums in Akershus) react towards cartoonist beeing suspended from facebook and Instagram
12.02.21. Facebook blocking Ron Paul
09.01.21. YouTube removes critical comments about Capitol Hill
27.08.16. Facebook Censors video exposing PBS cutting Hillary/TPP criticism from Jill Stein interview

Calls for censorship in social media

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