PEN Norway and MiA (The museums in Akershus) react towards cartoonist beeing suspended from facebook and Instagram

Erik Strand, 06.08.22

In this press release, we can read that the Norwegian branch of PEN International and The museums in Akershus county (MiA) react towards the fact that Ahmed Fatah was susepended from Instagram on 24.02.21. He has also been suspended from Facebook.

Ahmed Falah lives in Norway, having been invited through the international free city scheme for persecuted writers, journalists and artists, and he is one of three satirists who have been awarded PEN International Norway’s Ossietzky Prize 2020 on behalf of all satirists in Norway.

The ban apparently came after he published a new cartoon that criticizes the United Arab Emirates’ role in the war in Yemen, and shows how it is the children of Yemen who are the biggest victims of the war.

Ahmed Falah has repeatedly contacted Facebook and Instagram to get a reason for why his accounts are closed and subject to restrictions, but only got a reply after Norsk PEN contacted Facebook’s management. He is still waiting for an answer as to why he is banned.