Witness reports from Jan Knutsen

Translation of two witness reports by Jan Knutsen:

On April 22th 2009, I visited Hiåsen [Dag Hiåsen, Fampo’s leader]. About seven o’clock in the morning, we heard a jet plane flying straight above the roof of Hiåsen’s house – in such a low altitude that the noise was quite irritating. It would have been impossible to sleep under such conditions. I react when I see that law obidient citizens can be subject to such terror in what claims to be a democracy. Normally, a pilot would have lost his right to fly as a result of such reckless flying, but here it seems to be “allowed”.


I visited a person whomI know in Bergen som time ago (spring 2009). We discussed several things and started talking about vaccination. We went into Fampo’s website to see what Fampo had published about vaccination. We clicked on a link to an article praising vaccines. After reading this, we clicked on the link to the next article – written by me – where I posed somecritical questions. The only thing we could read, was “this page is not available”. Whatever we did, we could not read my article. Censored by the authorities?