Witness report from Hallgrim Berg

Hallgrim Berg (Conservative Party) is a former Member of Parliament. In the book “Post Festum Gardermoen: maktspillet om Gardermoen” (Post Festum Gardermoen: the power game about Gardermoen) by Ronald Bye and Finn Sjue, The authors quote Berg about break ins in his appartment. In that quote, he mentions the Wiborg case. For background on that case, read here. Here is Hallgrim Berg’s statement:

“Each time I have talked about the Wiborg case, something has happened in my appartment in Grønnegate. I reproted this to the police and the Parliament’s presidency. It was not nice at all. It consisted of break-ins, unnerving telephones and moving things in my appartment. And after I gave an interview to Klassekampen on February 8 1997, I came home and fount absolutely all lights being turned on in my appartment. That had happened before despite the fact that the Parliament’s security service had just installed a new double lock. I talked with the Surveillance Police about the matter. They knew about such things. They talked about ‘polite warnings’. After that I tried to distance myself from the case.”

Last modified October 19, 2014