Witness report by Eilif Holte

On page 81 in Knut Lindh’s book”Hvem drepte Jan Wiborg?”(Who killed Jan Wiborg?) we kan read that Eilif Holte, managing director of HolteProsjekt, experienced the power play in the political battle about where Norway’s future main airport should be situated. On behalf of Østfold county administration, Holte’s company had compared the costs of building an airport at Gardermoen, and building an airport in Hobøl in Østfold. Holte’s calculations showed that an airport in Hobøl would be ten billions kroner cheaper than an airport at Gardermoen (in a footnote, the author refers to the Smith commission’s report p. 68-70.

One can also read that Holte later was contacted by a representative for Statens bygge- og eiendomsdirektorat (“The State’s building and proprty department”), who said that HolteProsjekt could stop thinking of getting any future governmental tasks if the company did not stop criticising the decision to locate the airport to Gardermoen.

With a footnote reference to a talk with Eilif Holte on January 15, 2014, Lindh writes:

“”I felt uneasy, Eilif Holte says. “I felt that we were exposed to mafia methods. Two weeks before Jan Wiborg died, I told an acquaintance of mine that the only thing missing was murder. Then Jan Wiborg fell out of the hotel window.”

September 15, 2014