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07.05.2023. US Supreme court gives police a green light to use force against unarmed civilians who have already surrendered or complied

US Supreme Court allows indefinite detention.
Concerning the Felony Murder Rule.
Man With No Criminal Record Facing Life in Prison For Facebook Post.
Utah Woman faces life in jail after allegedly buying red protest paint
Report: U.S. Cops Deceptively Force false Confessions from Children at Staggeringly High Rate

An 11-year-old girl arrested after reported being raped.
Cops across the US diciplined for not writing enough tickets.
Innocent Man Approaching 900 Days in Jail Because He’s a Material Witness to a Murder.
Wiretap laws in the US.
American Hypocricy: Destruction of the Constitution, Collapse of the Rule of Law
Mumia Abu Jamal is Innocent