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28.05.2023.The FBI Broke The Law Over 278,000 Times With Illegal Searches On Americans & No One Will Be Held Accountable
19.05.2023. Top FBI Officials Sabotaged Investigation into Clinton Foundation: Durham Report
19.05.2023. Criminals Welcome as US recruits proxies to wage ‘irregular war’ on adversaries
07.05.2023. US Supreme court gives police a green light to use force against unarmed civilians who have already surrendered or complied

12.03.2023. Senator Lindsey Graham calls for military intervention in response to murdered American tourists in Mexico
11.02.2023. Florida Bill Would Require Journalists to Register with the State About Elected Officials
28.01.2023. Cop Gets Wrist Slap After pleading Guilty to Torturing Innocent Dad in Front of Kids, Tasering His Testicles
14.01.2023. How Stanford Failed the Academic Freedom Test
31.12.2022. Biden Protects CIA by Withholding 5,000 Critical Documents on JFK Assasination
19.12.2022: Cop Fired But Never Charged for Feeding Homeless Man a Literal ‘Sh*t Sandwich’ — Is a Cop Again
02.12.2022. Hunter Biden laptop bombshell: Twitter invented reason to censor Post’s reporting
09.10.2022. Officer Beaten to Death by Fellow Cops While Investigating 4 Cops for Gang Rape
22.09.2022. Victory! Judge blocks law that made it illegal to film cops
16.07.2022. It is now illigal to film near police officers in Arizona

04.06.2022. Global Food Security: Is America Illegally Importing Syrian Wheat, Smuggled Out of a War Zone
19.05.2022. Instead of Going After her Clients, Court Quietly Reduces Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sentence
09.03.2022. Arizona House comittee just approved a bill making filming cops on the job illegal
31.01.2021. What could go wrong? Millions of kids to be told in school which news is “fake” 
26.10.2021. Black Children were jailed for a Crime that doesn’t exist. Read more here
06.05.2021. Police Chief Demanded to Rape Cop’s Wife, 12yo Daughter in Exchange Promotion—NOT FIRED
16.03.2021: List of tax havens – why is the largest one – the US. state of Delaware – missing?
16.02.2021. Nevada bill would allow tech companies to create governments 
10.01.2021. CIA Conspiracy to Flood Black Communities with Crack Exposed in Explosive Netflix Documentary
19.12.2020. – The president can start wars, but not end them. Read more here and here.
22.11.2020. US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media 
10.10.2020. Cop who was not fired after first arrest, fired again – for child rape – still not fired
12.09.2020. Employees at Sandia National laboratories required to be subject to indoctrination.
09.08.2020. Utah Woman faces life in jail after allegedly buying red protest paint
31.07.2020. Epstein Docs: Bill Clinton on ‘Pedo Island’ w / ‘oung girls’, FBI told about child rape and did nothing
27.07.2020. Good cop being forced out for exposing corruption says fellow cop put gun to his head to scare him