Two politicians speak about the local CPS

Erik Strand, July 23rd. 2014

As Bygdeposten, local newspaper in Buskerud county, has publsihed some articles about the local cps (see for example here or here), two politicians comment on the subject in Bygdeposten on July 8th, 2014. The two politicians are Member of Parliament Morten Wold (Progress Party) and local politician Ingunn Dalaker Øderud (Centre Party). When it comes to Morten Wold, he is a notorious liar. Nevertheless, the two politicians give some concrete information about some CPS cases, information which I choose to quote here.

Wold says to Bygdeposten that “even politicians with minor children are anxious to pose questions to the local CPS due to fear of being scrutinised themselves.. Dalaker Øderud says that during her 20 years in local politics has never being contacted about the local CPS as many times as during the last two years.

Dalaker Øderud gives an example: – In one case it was said, without any documentation, that the father had a psychiatric diagnosis. This turned out not to be true. It was used against the mother that she had been in need of assistance in some topics in public school. It was not mentioned that she as an adult had passed professional education and works with small children.

In the same case, the CPS had emphacised that a few pair of children’s skies lay on the ground instead of being placed orderly against the wall. That was used as evidence that the family lacked order and structure, Dalaker Øderud says.

Dalaker Øderud also says that in April 2014, she sent an e-mail with several questions to the local CPS. One of the questions regarded the relative increase in acute decisions in Modum county. By July 7th she had got no answer. Dalaker Øderud herself estimates the increas in acute decisions to remove the child from the parents to bee 340 % in Modum in a few years.