Threats against Kåre Torvholm

Erik Strand, 06.03.16.

Kåre Torvholm (1941-2001) was a central name in the struggle against corruption and abuse of power. Former MP Marie Lovise Widnes (Socialist Left Party, 89-93) has written a book devoted to Torvholms struggle.

In late 1999, Kåre Torvholm received a phone call from a person who informed Kåre about threats against him and two other persons. The content of the threats was that the three of them were to be neutralised. Before that, an accident would happen to Kåre’s three grandchildren.

Kåre Torvholm found strong reasons to take the source that he spoke with seriously, and taped the conversation. Two regional newspapers, Drammens Tidende and Sunnmørsposten, also wrote about the threats against Torvholm.

On 21. June, 2000, the local Radio station Radio Modum aired the first program in the series “Det skjulte Norge” (“The veiled Norway”). During the program, Radio Modum played a tape that demonstrated how Torvhom was received when he called the prime minister’s office to tell about death threats against his grandchildren.

Torvholm soon realised that the phone call had been abrupted. Torvholm once again called the telephone central at the prime minister’s office and was redirected to secretary Inger Andersen. He was then told that he had called Oslo Renholdsverk (Oslo Renovation Department). This conversation was soon brought to an end and Torvholm once more called the prime minister’s office. He was once more redirected to secretary Inger Andersen. The same voice that just had presented herself as ‘Oslo Renholdsverk’, now vas the voice of secretary Inger Andersen at the prime minister’s office.