The CPS tried to use CPS to remove children from their parents

Erik Strand, May 14, 2014

In this discussion thread in a Norwegian Internet forum for opponents of the CPS in Norway, one can read about doctor Jacob Christian Norup in Samnanger municipality in western Norway. In an interview in Bergens Tidende, the largest regional newspaper, he tells that on January 16th last year, he got a phone call from the CPS leader in the municipality. The CPS leader was also the leader of the health and social sector. The name of the CPS leader in Samnanger was Thore Austnes.

According to Norup, the CPS leader wanted the doctor, or a health care worker, to imvite a mother and her two small children to an examination. There were no medical reason for the examination. The purpose was to remove the children from their mother.

Norup states to Bergens Tidende: “As a doctor, I have got a feeling that there has been an attempt from the CPS to try to use me to perpetrate an indefencible act. Forcibly remove two children from their mother by means of lies – in a case where there was no reason for forcibly remove these two children – according to the same CPS at the same day.

The children were to be lead into one room, and the mother into another, not knowing what was going to happen. The children were to be sent to an emergency home with secret adress, according to the doctor, who says that he refused to participate.

On february 5th, Norup learnt that the children had not been taken away from their mother. Norup says: “The situation was very difficult, both personally and professionally. I have never been in contact with the CPS about this family”.

In a complaint to Fylkesmannen, the state’s representative in the county; Norup writes: “The children remained with their parents, and that demonstrates that there was no reason for removing them by means of force and lies from a doctor”.

Norup poses a highly relevant question: “What if I had said yes? How long time would have run before the error had been revealed and the children returned to their home – weeks? Months? It would certainly have been quite traumatizing for the cildren.”

In the discussion thread, one can scroll down and see pictures from a demonstration which was held in Samnanger. On February 12th 2013, Bergens Tidende quoted Karina Langeland: “160 people demonstrated against the methods of the CPS in Samnanger on Tuesday. There is something that is not as it should be.” In a posting in the discussion thread, Marianne Skånland says that one of the participants in the demonstration told that there were far more than the 160 participants mentioned in Bergens Tidende. She estimated about 250. In a reportage by the state owned channel NRK, 200 were mentioned.

The number of demonstrators should be compared with the total population in that small community. According to the official municipal website, there were 2,436 inhabitants by January 1st 2014.

On page 2, a posting from Facebook is quoted. The posting contains a letter which was published in the local newspaper Samningen and signed by Erene Solsvik Bruvik and Stein Birger Haga. This is what they wrote, translated into English:

“”I want to go home”
These words were uttered last Thursday by the abducted girl from Haga, who so suddenly and brutally was kidnapped together with her brother from her home, a harmonic, well functioning home, with much love and care, and placed in a wholly strange place with strange people. The girl said clerar and loudly: “I want to go home!” When nobody reacted, she repeated, she said even louder: “Can you not hear? I want to go home!” Then the mother in the emergency home responded by saying: “Shut up. You remember what we talked about yesterday, what you were not allowed to say?”

The two of us who write this were ourselves witnesses when the CPS earlier that day talked with the parents and grandparents of the two children. We witness that the parents got this instruction before they were going to meet their children: “You are not allowed to express emotions towards the children. You are not allowed to tell the children that you are fond of them. You are not allowed to say that you long for them. If you say that, the contact with the children will be stopped immediately.”

This was the second time the parents and the children could meet after the abduction. At the first meeting the boy held tight to his father’s hand and the girl to her mother’s hand and both cried. Both said they wanted to go home. When it was time for parting, the boy would not let his father’s hand. He cried and shouted that he wanted to go home. Then the CPS representative loosened the grasp around the father’s hand. The boy at once ran to the terrace and cried and waed: “I want to go home”.

The parents asked to read the report from this meeting. To this date (February 17th) they have not been able to read the report. neither their lawyer (by February 15th). The father then asked the CPS to add in the report that the children had told that they wanted to go home. The CPS replied that their impression was that the children were afraid of their parents. “But you remember that you loosened the boy’s grasp around my hand?” the father asked. The CPS worker could not remember that.

We have been contacted by several people on Facebook and by mail who think that we who struggle to get the children home to their parents, make the girl in this case a liar. We do not. We have been informed what is stated in the police interrogation at the Child House. There, both children were questioned by qualified police officers with special education for this kind of interrogations of children. The CPS is not equally interested in dealing with this report. It does not conform with the painted picture of the mother as a “monster”. It is the CPS which makes the girl a liar. It is the CPS which mistreats the children by keeping the children away from their home, friends and local community without reason. It is not the girl who has started this circus. It is the CPS.

If all children in Samnanger were to be kidnapped from their homes and sent out of the municipality for resembling “use of violence” that these two children are being victims of, we are afraid there would be many childless homes in Samnanger. We are all against violence towards children. But the way we have understood the CPS law, there should be a proportionality between the “abuse” and the reaction. Taking a child out of its home should only be done in the most sinister cases, were other reactions fall short. In this case, it is not the question of a sinister case. It is only a small feather, which has turned into ten hen [allusion to a Norwegian fairy tale about rumours]. The grandparents live next door. They have, more than other grandparents, been there for their grandchildren hand have far more love and care for than an accidental emergency home mother, even if she were to do her best.

We do not trust the CPS. We are disappointed that the mayor still trusts the CPS. She knows enough to lose her confidence. How will this brutal abduction hurt the child? It is natural that the child will think: “Mom and dad do not care for me any longer. They do not even long for me. They have not even said that they are fond of me.

We will encourage the mayor and municipality council to sack the CPS which so obviously lies – and do what they can to bring innocent children home where they belong. It is of great value in itself for the child to grow up with its biological parents. The children and the parents have suffered enough. Listen to what the abducted girl and boy say: “I want to go home!”

Erene Solsvik Bruvik
Stein Birger Haga”

On page two in the discussion thread there is another letter from Haga and Bruvik, which they accepted being republished in the discussion thread. That letter had also been published in Samingen. They inform that Fylkesmannen had not forund any wrongdoing by the CPS leader. The writer point to the fact that the doctor and the health care worker present reported the same about the incident.

It should be noted that Fylkesmannen in Hordaland county, in which Samnanger is situated, is a person well known to Fampo – former Liberal Party leader Lars Sponheim

The municipality did its own investigation alettersponheim.pdfnd came to a conclusion which was supportive for the doctor: “Both Dyrhovden and Røen (Centre Party representative) say they view the report as a moral support for the doctor”.

On February 14th 2014, the CPS leader quit his job.

Last modified on August 10, 2014