Statistics about the Norwegian CPS

According to Statistics Norway, the CPS intervened in some way towards 11 700 new children in 2007. If one multiplies that number with 5, one gets 58 500, which is nearly the annual birth rate in Norway. This means that if the CPS continues like in 2007, there will be a CPS case on every fifth Norwegian child! This includes all kinds of CPS involvement, from economical help to the family to foster homes.

An article from Statistics Norway shows that the number of children with whom the CPS has been involved, even increased with 3,6% from 2007 to 2008; the number of children with whom the CPS was involved in 2008, was near 42 200. Almost 7 900 children were in foster homes or institutions. This is an increase by 2.2% from 2007 (this does not include cases where the parents voluntarily let government take over the care for their children).

The CPS started 27 850 investigations in 2008. This is an increase by 11% from 2007. According to the article there were started most investigations (relative to population numbers) in the three northernmost counties.

Regarding the year 2010, Statistics Norway could report of even more activity from the CPS. Almost 50 000 children/youths received some initiative of some kind or another from the CPS. That was 7,1 % more thn the year before. From 2008 to 2009 there was an increase by 5.3 %.

Almost 3 300 more children received some kind of initiative by the CPS than the year before. Statistics Norway states that that constitutes the largest increase in the number of children with some kind of CPS initiative since the new CPS law was implemented in 1993.

In the end of the year 2010, 37 300 children were registered with some kind of CPS initiative. Among these, 12 500 children were placed outside the family, as a takeover of the care for the childrenor as a “helping initiative”. This means that 8.7 out of 1 000 children were placed outside the family in 2010 – the corresponding number was 8.0 out of 1 000 in 2009.

In 2010, there were 13 700 children with a CPS initiative, who were not registered in the CPS system the year before – an increase by 7.7 % since 2009.

The CPS activity further increased in 2011.