Six years old girl manipulated by psychologist

December 20, 2014

This article in Norwegian contains a video showing how “psychologist” Turid Kavli manipulated a six years old girl into saying that she had been sexually abused by her stepfather.

In the video, which was taken in 2002, Kavli tells the girl: “You have to say it; otherwise we will never finish”. The girl was interrogated for four hours and said 22 times that nothing had happened. At last, the girl had to lie in order to finish the interrogation. Turid Kavli has been awarded by a medal from the king of Norway. For pressuring a six years old girl?

The following was said in the conversation between Turid Kavli (TK) and the Girl (G):

TK: But you have to say it. Otherwise we will newer finish.
G: But I have not done it.
TK: It is not you who have done it. We do not mean that you have done anything wrong. We do not mean that at all. But someone have done something. So that the doctor can see that something has happened with your ass. The doctor has seen that, so that is clear. We only have to get you to tell how it has happened.
G: I have not done anything.
TK: But we know that something must have happened. We only need to get you to tell how it happened. It need not have happened yesterday. It can have happened much earlier.
G: But you do not know that.
TK: Yes, we know that.
G: But I have not done …
TK: We know that it must have happened.
G: Will it last long before I can go home.
TK: Yes, it will take a while. I will sit here badgering you until you tell what has happened.

During the video, we can see the same girl many years later watch a video of her younger self being manipulated by the psychologist. She comments that the “psychologist” said that she had to tell that she had been abused – otherwise she could not leave the room. At last the girl gave in and replied affirmatively to Kavli’s leading questions:

TK: So it happened many times at night?
G: Mm
TK: X came into your room and fucked.
G: Mm.
TK: Put his penis into your hole.
G: Mm.

The girl did not at any time utter the sentences that the psychologists said. They were sheer leading questions.

The result of the interrogation and the sentence agaist the girl’s stepfather was that the girl was taken from her family and placed in several foster homes.