Not sentenced to jail for abusing girl for half a year

August 13th, 2014

In this article published on the lawyer company Sylte’s website, the readers are informed that a court in southern Norway has sentenced a foster mother to 90 hours of society punishment. Society punishment is an alternative to jail where the convicted shall do some work for the society for a specified numbers of hours.

According to the newspaper Aftenposten, the fostermother was convicted for mistreating her foster daughter during half a year. The mistreatment included repeated hits towards the girl’s face with a flat hand and shaking the girl.

A couple of years earlier, the Norwegian chief prosecutor stated to the news broadcasting at the TV channel TV2 that “severe and unprovocated violence does not belong to the main area of use for the society penalty. After the chief prosecutor’s statement to TV2, the law has also been sharpened for the use of violence in close relationships.

The lawyer firm comments that many people will regard repeated hitting of a child’s face with a flat hand as severe violence. And there is no known examples of parents being sentenced to 90 hours society penalty for repeated violence towards their own children, to a such degree and for so long time as in this case.