Norwegian Liberal Party politician Ane Breivik on the unvaccinated

Erik Strand, 13.05.2023

Ane Breivk is the leader of Young Liberals of Norway, the youth organisation of one of the parties represented in the Norwegian parliament. In this article from July 12th 2021, she is interviewed on covid 19 vaccines. She states thet it is reasonable to call those who do not want to take the covid 19 vaccine “utskudd”, a word that can be tanslated as “scum”. She adds that the support for the covid 19 vaccine is high, and that more than 90 % of those who have been offered the vaccine, has accepted it, and that those refusing to take it, represent the minority and the exception.

Breivik also criticises a Green Party politician who has warned against the vaccines, arguing that millions of people have taken it without side effect, and that the vaccines provide effective protection against covid 19. As time has showed, those are questionable claims.