Girl lived two years in acute institution

In this article we can read about Wanja Victoria Jevne. When she was 14 years old, her mother got ill, and the CPS chose to place her in an acute institution, Viensenteret at Hamar for three weeks. Viensenteret was built only one to one and a half year before Wanja Victoria was placed there.

An acute institution is meant for short periods when the CPS cannot find anything else. Wanja Victoria lived in this acute institution for more than two years.

She tells that before her stay at Viensenteret, she was positive, social and performed well at school. At the age of 22, when the article was written, she had been to several psychologists for treatment and could not master neither school nor work.

At the institution, there were though situations.One day, the youth were told that one of the youth who lived there had threathened some of the employees with a knife. There were police razzias because some of the youth living there smuggled narcotics into the institution. It was not allowed to lock the door to the sleeping room.

Wnja Victoria has freed the CPS from the professional secrecy, without that leading to any reasonable explanation. Quite the contrary, Lisbeth Gjønnes, chief of the CPS in Ringsaker municipality, sais that they have done a good job.