Foster parents announced becoming parents on Facebook

On October 1st 2012, the newspaper Byavisa published this article about a woman from Trondheim who lost her child to the CPS. Katrine Aukan received some mistakenly sent documents from the CPS which revealed the name of the foster parents to whom the authorities had sent her child. She then checked the foster parent’s Facebook profile. The foster parents posted a message about becoming foster parents weeks in advance of the CPS taking the daughter away from Aukan. This shows that taking the child away from Aukan was planned in advance. Aukan says to Byavisa that the CPS told her the opposite, that taking the child was not planned.

Katrine Aukan wanted assistance from the CPS when she got pregnant during the autumn 2010. The result was that her daughter was taken from her right after the birth, contrary to professional recommandations from health care personnel. Aukan’s lawyer, Janne Fjelnseth, says that it is rare that a mother who has got her child taken by the authorities, has got so strong support from health personnel.

The lawyer also says that an expert report from a psychologist has got factual errors. According to the report, Aukan shall have got inferior care during childhood, an accusation which Aukan and her parents have demonstrated at wrong.