Foster mother manipulated girl to lie about sexual abuse

Erik Strand, June 11, 2014

This article in the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen concerns a girl, now in her early 20s, who has been manipulated by her foster mother to say that she had been sexually abused by her father. Her father has been sentencted to three years and eight months in prison for alleged abuse. Now the Criminal cases review commisssion has decided that the case against the father shall be reopened.

The daughter realised that money had been transfered from her bank account, in September 2012. In March 2012 she had been granted 147 000 kroner from voldsofferkontoret, a governmental entity in charge of paying tort to victims of violence. Soon after she had received these money, 144 000 kroner had been paid to sundry credit and finance companies of which she had no knowledge.

In November 2012 the foster mother was contacted by the police and informed that the police investigated the foster daughter’s bank accounts. The foster mother told the police that she had taken the money, but claimed it was a loan. She claimed there was a loan agreement between her and the foster daughter. The foster daughter denied that there were such a loan agreement.

The same day, the Child Protection Services told the foster mother not to contact the foster daughter. Still, the foster mother contacted the foster daughter at her workplace. Colleagues have witnessed that she held the foster daughter so hard by her neck that she turned red. She wanted the foster daughter to go to the police and tell that there existed a loan agreement.

In September 2013, almost one year after the foster mother died, the foster daughter once again showed up at the local lensmann (sheriff) office. This time to tell that her father had not abused her. The Criminal cases review commission has interrogated the woman twice, and she has repeated that her foster mother had told her in detail what she should tell the police and what to say in court. Time after time the foster mother had told about the abuses, and in the end the girl believed what the foster mother explained. In her hearth of hearths she still had a doubt if the story were true. She tried to think back and found out that the abuse story could not be true.