Carl Bore

Erik Strand, June 24th 2015

On June 19th, Norwegian newspapers reported that Fredrik Fasting Torgersen (80) had died. There are strong reasons for holding the view that Fasting Torgersen was a victim of a judicial murder. The evidence that the Norwegian court system had committed grve errors in his case did however not prevent the Criminal Cases Review Commission from turning down Fasting Torgersen’s demands for reopening his case.

In an article published on June 19, Carl Bore presents his views on the reopening of criminal cases. As a lawyer, Carl Bore has represented the family of the victim of the murder for which Fasting Torgersen was sentenced, in a lawsuit agains law professor Ståle Eskeland. He says to the newspaper Dagbladet that in his opinion, there should be a limit on attempts to reopen criminal cases. Bore justifies his view by pointing at the hardship these cases create for the families of murder victims.

Whereas the Criminal Cases Review Commission has demonstrated itself unfit to reopen a clear case of judicial murder, Bore’s proposal will remove even a theoretical chance of reopening even the most blatant judicial murder – provided that the convicted has spent his/her attempts.