On January 17, 2007, I sent a mail to Budstikka, a local newspaper in Asker and Bærum outside Oslo. In my mail, I told that I had posted a couple of posts in Budstikka’s online debate forum, and that they had been deleted. I informed Budstikka that Fampo publishes which newspapers and other media who do things like removing a debate article about corruption in Norway. But before Budstikka was added to that list, I would like to ask if the posts were really removed (no technical error”.

That evening I got the following reply from Dag Otter Johansen, by 2011 Budstikka’s web editor: The posts are removed. The same goes for whar was posted today. Dag Otter Johansen channel responsible budstikka no.

No word that I had posted anything abusive, only a confirmation that Budstikka censored my message.

Erik Strand