About Fampo

Fampo is a civil rights organisation that was founded in Oslo in September 1997. Fampo was founded under the name Folke-Aksjonen Mot Psykiaternes Overgrep (FAMPO), which means ‘People’s action against the psychiatrician’s abuse’. Fampo’s stated goal was to fight against forced hospitalisations and human rights violations in Norwegian psychiatry. Fampo’s chairman since 1997 has been Dag Hiåsen.

It was realised that if one wanted to fight abuse of power in Norway, one should not only look at abuse of power in one part of society, psychiatry, but have a broader focus. It was added in Fampo’s statutes that the organisation also should work to further freedom of speech. In October 2007, Fampo changed its name. Today, Fampo is an acronym for Folkeaksjonen mot maktmisbruk, politistat og overgrepskultur, which means ‘People’s action against abuse of power, police state and a culture of violation’, keeping the original acronym, but pointing at a broad focus.

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