A girl who ran away form her foster home

August 13th, 2014

This newspaper article is about a 16 years old girl who had been hidden by Martin Pedersen, a well known former bank robber. Accoerding to the newspaper the girl has repeatedly run away from her foster home in Buskerud county. While on the run, she is told to have stayed with Martin Pedersen and several other people in his circles.

Pedersen state that the girl has had a extraordinarily hard time in the foster home, and that they have concidered the situation an emergency situation because the girl had been so frightened.

The 16 years old girl had lived in a foster home in Buskerud since she was 13 years old. Ten months before the article was published, she ran away from her foster home, and after that she had been on the run for more than ten rimes. When she was caught for the last time, she had been on the run for four months.

The girl’s biological mother stated that the girl did not want to live in this foster home, as it had been a terrible experience to her. She and her lawyer had tried to influence the CPS to do something, but had not succeded.

Pedersen felt obliged to help the girl and said: “Once I found her frozenin the garage at my farm. It was a shock to me to see her sitting there frozen and shivering. Ihave also seen her crying on the train back to Hallingdal, but she has come back.”