A CPS case in Kvænangen

Judicial murder and the CPS – The case of Svanhild Jensen

In 2003 Hålogaland High Court ruled that Svanhild Jensen’s two children should be taken away from their mother and placed in a foster home. Fampo’s chairman Dag Hiåsen has exposed the case as a judicial murder in two articles (in Norwegian). Here are just some of the points.

Joar Tranøy talked several persons who were cited in psychologist Trond Skjæveland’s report about Svanhild Jensen, and informed the High Court that central informants had been wrongly cited by Skjæveland. This is not mentioned in the High Court’s verdict – and the High Court has then broken the law by suppressing a fact. The High Court writes: “The Child Protection law does not give an opportunity to take the children from the parents because they have to low intelligence. The focus on IQ in this case is a deversion created by the media”. The Connty Committee, the first committee to handle the case, wrote: “The Committee considers the test a reliable and well tested test which is used to a large extent in Norway and other countries. The psychologist has also long experience with such tests, and the Committee therefore in essence build on the test”. The test that The County Committe built on in essence, is portrayed as a “diversion created by the media” by the High Court.