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Wanted to spread damaging information about persons
Erik Strand 26.02.16

In an article in Verdens Gang, Norway's most read newspaper, on 08.4.15, it was revealed that PST, the Norwegian intelligence agency. had made a plan to spread damaging information about persons. Moreover, PST had planned to spread damaging information about persons who were not even suspected of any illegal actions.

This plan led the EOS Committee to send a letter to PST's leader, Benedicte Bjørnland, sharply criticising the plan. The EOS Committee is the Norwegian parliamentary control organ for the secret services.

Eldbjørg Løwer, leader of the EOS Committe, said that the case was classified, and that she could not comment on what kind of information the PST wanted to spread. However, the EOS Committe found the case grave enough to report it to the parliament, albeit in a rather cryptic form.