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Censorship in VG, Norway's largest newspaper
Erik Strand, 22.02.18

On several occasions, I have experienced that my comments in the comment fields in Norway's largest newspaper - Vedens Gang (VG) - have been deleted. These comments have had no abusive content, but some of them have been comments about various kinds of abuse of power in Norway.

On November 28. 2017, VG wrote about six advisors quitting the Labour Party. One reader commented that Jonas Gahr Støre, the Labour Party chairman, was not a good figurehead due to his background. I replied that background was less important than what he did and what he represented politically. You can find my comment as comment number 11 in this thread. This screenshot shows that my comment has been deleted. You can see that my comment is not there, while other replies to the same person that I replied to have been added.

One can find the article I linked to in my comment here. The article is about consequenses of the war in Libya.

On February 15, VG published an article about the use of hired consultants in the Oslo schools. I wrote a comment where I said that there were other conditions in the schools in the Norwegian capital that one could give attention as well. I linked to this article about massive harassment of employees int one Oslo school. Not surprisingly, my comment soon disappeared, as one can see from this screenshot.

As late as today, I got another example of VG's censorship. Under an article on Russian ex trolls, one reader wrote about the possibility that Norwegian trolls could be in collusion with Russian authorities. I replied that they could as well be inn collusion with western authorities. As background, I linked to this article. VG did not waste many seconds before they deleted my comment. As one can see from this second screenshot, my comment is not there, wile other comments have been added.