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Cops kill dog, forces owner to cut off its head. Read more
Sheriff & Deputies Indicted for Locking Down Entire School & Sexually Assaulting Kids. Read more
Cop found not guilty despite of video of him plotting to kill and then killing man. Read more
Cop attacks nurse for refusing to break the law. Read more
Good Cops Demoted for Leaking Video of Bad Cop Beating Innocent Woman. Read more
Corrupt Cops Admit To Keeping BB Guns to Plant On Unarmed People They Kill. Read more
Cop Fired for Attacking Innocent Elderly Vet Gets Termination Reversed & Back Pay. Read more
Cop threatening fake charges against innocent man. Read more
Isolated incident? Half of entire police dept fired, quit amid corruption probe. Read more
Fire chief arrested for preventing a cop form making a fire worse. Read more
Police union chief 'reprimanded' for doxxing innocent woman who made video of him speeding. Read more
Cop threatened and mistreated for reporting corruption in his own department. Read more
Cops shoot and kill man in his own backyard as he eats chicken wings. Read more
Video exposes cops as liars. Read more
Cop arrests innocent woman for filming him. Read more
Two LAPD cops who sue the department. Read more
Cop falsely targets people to make extra cash - avoids all charges. Read more
A Missouri cop who has still got a license to be a cop. Read more
NYPD Cop becomes infamous on the Internet. Read more
No Justice for Indian Grandfather Left Paralyzed by Alabama Cop - Mistrial Declared. Read more
Arrested and beaten because he had "No legitimate purpose". Read more
Two Officers Attacked by Dept for Exposing Fellow Cops' Corruption. Read more
Police Dept Caught Giving Preference to Job Candidates who Said they Wouldn't Arrest Fellow Cops. Read more
Sheriff says investigating rape is unnecessary, because most accusations are false. Read more
Sheriff David Clarke on freedom of speech. Read more
Police chief fired when he did not want to rehire cop who stomped on teenagers face. Read more
Former Baltimore Cop Goes on Joe Rogan Podcast. Read more
NYPD officer who being arrested 3 times in 7 months - still not fired. Read more
Officers Admit They Will Not Ticket Fellow Cops. Read more
New Orleans Cops Charged with Child Porn, Rape Still Working as Cops. Read more
Deputies rewarded for tickets. Read more
Sheriff threatens lawmakers. Read more
Cop caught on video falsifying charges. Read more
Cop who admitted felony child abuse gets promoted weeks later. Read more
Still working as a cop after shooting at minivan full of children. Read more
Teacher Facing Obstruction Charges for Trying to Stop School Cop as He Choked a Child. Read more
City Officials to Family: 12-Year-Old boy "Directly Responsible" for His Own Death. Read more
Missouri police caught in disgusting quota scheme. Read more
Man invokes 5th amendment - cops tell him to "throw the legal mumbo jumbo out the window". Read more
Report: U.S. Cops Deceptively Force false Confessions from Children at Staggeringly High Rate. Read more

An 11-year-old girl arrested after reported being raped. Read more

Cop faces no consequences for illegal acts. Read more
Cop will not be charged for pepper spraying boy lying in bed. Read more
Judge Drops Charges Against Two Cops Caught On Camera Pummeling a Handcuffed Man. Read more
'Good cop' could go to jail after reporting misconduct in his department. Read more
Police caught on video viciously attacking man. Read more
Cop claims it is "against the law" to film him. Read more

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