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Jan 16, 2015 NYPD Cop becomes infamous on the Internet. Read more
Nov 21, 2015. A letter to the editor that the newspaper Firda declined to publish. Read more
Nov 18, 2015. Inside Intelligence by Anthony Cavendish. Can he be trusted? Read more
Nov 16, 2015. No Justice for Indian Grandfather Left Paralyzed by Alabama Cop - Mistrial Declared. Read more
Nov 01, 2015. FBI Knew Jared Fogle Was a Pedophile, Let him Continue Molesting Children for Years. Read more
Oct 26, 2015. Arrested and beaten because he had "No legitimate purpose". Read more
Oct 11, 2015. Two Officers Attacked by Dept for Exposing Fellow Cops' Corruption. Read more
Oct 03, 2015. The school where almost all the teachers quit. Read more
Sep 29, 2015. How US Public Schools Have Come to Increasingly Resemble Prisons Instead of Learning Centers. Read more
Sep 06, 2015. Sheriff David Clarke on freedom of speech. Read more
Aug 24, 2015. Spain's Orwellian "Citizens Security Law" Gag. Read more
Aug 24, 2015. Cop Facing 7 Years in Prison for Leaking Video of Fellow Cops Brutally Beating a Young Man. Read more
Aug 22, 2015. Police chief fired when he did not want to rehire cop who stomped on teenagers face. Read more
Aug 16, 2015. Presidental candidate will not rule out torture tactics. Read more
Aug 14, 2015. School officials covered up sting operation. Read more
Aug 09, 2015. German blog accused of treason. Read more
Jul 26, 2015. Open letter to Ham&High. Read more
Jul 24, 2015. U.S. Spies on Millions of Drivers. Read more
Jul 18, 2015. Police Dept Caught Giving Preference to Job Candidates who Said they Wouldn't Arrest Fellow Cops. Read more
Jul 16, 2015. Censored on sundry internet forums. Read more
Jul 14, 2015. Former Baltimore Cop Goes on Joe Rogan Podcast. Read more
Jul 12, 2015. Judge orders children taken form mother and locked up for refusing to visit their dad. Read more
Jul 09, 2015. NYPD officer arrested 3 times in 7 months - still not fired. Read more
Jul 04, 2015. New Zealand's Harmful Digital Communications Bill. Read more
Jul 04, 2015. Thousands take to Spanish streets to protest anti rally 'gag law'. Read more
Jun 24, 2015. Nefarious Utah state law. Read more
Jun 24, 2015. A Norwegian lawyer proposing restrictions on reopenings. Read more
Jun 19, 2015. Sunday Times and Snowden. Read more
Jun 17, 2015. A comment to Sean Hannity on Fox News. Read more
Jun 12, 2015. Acquitted of materially lying under oath. Read more
May 30, 2015. Officers Admit They Will Not Ticket Fellow Cops. Read more
May 27, 2015. Brian Pead: The Untouchable. Read more
May 23, 2015. Scottish First Minister opposes register of judicial interests. Read more
May 18, 2015. New Orleans Cops Charged with Child Porn, Rape Still Working as Cops. Read more
May 14, 2015. Absurd explanations on Lithuanian talk show. Read more
May 12, 2015. Brian Pead assaulted: Essex Police do nothing. Read more
May 08, 2015. Deputies rewarded for tickets. Read more
April 26, 2015. A suggestion from Pennsylvania State Representative Dom Costa. Read more
April 20, 2015. Censored at the newspaper VG's online forum. Read more
April 16, 2015. Mayor to Police: Your Paycheck Depends on How Many Tickets You Write. Read more
April 13, 2015. How Corrupt is Britain? Read more
April 11, 2015. Cop caught on video falsifying charges. Read more
April 08, 2015. Cop who admitted felony child abuse gets promoted weeks later. Read more
April 06, 2015. Two peaceful protesters arrested in Singapore. Read more
April 04, 2015. Concerning gifts to Scottish Court System staff. Read more

March 29
, 2015. New Bill Would have Teachers Diagnose and Report Children. Read more
March 27, 2015. The 'gift' of Scotland's top court buildings. Read more
March 25, 2015. A comment to lawyer Olav Sylte. Read more
March 22, 2015. Still working as a cop after shooting at minivan full of children. Read more
March 18, 2015. Councilman gave boy psychiatric diagnosis. Read more
March 16, 2015. An 11-year-old girl arrested after reporting being raped. Read more
March 15, 2015. Innocent Man Approaching 900 Days in Jail Because He's a Material Witness to a Murder. Read more
March 13, 2015. A lawyer who wants more widespread use of care takeovers. Read more.

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