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Mother not allowed to speak her own language during contact with her children

Dung Svalland is a mother who has lost her children to the Norwegian CPS. In the third posting in this discussion thread, she gives a testimony on how the Norwegian CPS denies minority parents to speak their own language with their children.

Svalland writes that on July 7 2010 the CPS called the police and asked them to immediately throw her out of a room at the CPS office in the city of Kristiansand because she hummed a song that was not in Norwegian.

Two policemen arrived and treathened to throw her out if she did not stop humming. The CPS had forbidden her to speak her mother tongue, vietnamese, during contact with her daughter.

Those in charge of supervising cntact with her children had several times afterwards made use of the same treaths, and as a result, her children have now forgotten the vietnamese language. She is only allowed to meet her children for 3 hours 4 times a year.

In the second posting in the thread, Marianne Skånland (a professor who has been active in the debate on the Norwegian CPS) wrote that she had been in touch with several cases where children are not allowed to speak their mother tongue, because the CPS cannot control what they are saying in their maternal language.

Last modified July 11, 2014. Erik Strand