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22.02.17. Norway's largest newspaper censors. Read more
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07.04.16. Panama Papers - will we learn the whole truth? Read more
23.03.16. The Norwegian Newspapers Romerikes Blad and Østlandets Blad censor. Read more

26.07.15. Open letter to Ham&High. Read more

June 19, 2015. Sunday Times and Snowden. Read more

June 17, 2015. A comment to Sean Hannity on Fox News. Read more
May 14, 2015. Absurd explanations on Lithuanina talk show. Read more
April 20, 2015. Censored at the newspaper VG's online forum. Read more
August 28, 2014. Journalist in the Norwegian TV channel TV2 cheated in reportage about the death of whistleblower. Read more
July 24, 2011. Hasty conclusions after the Norway terrorist attack. Read more
July 16, 2011. The Murdoch News Corp Scandal. Selected articles. Read more

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