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On August 6th 2010 Erik Strand wrote the following debate article in Bangkok Post's internet debate forum (in the category Thai general news / topics):

When considering the terorism in Thailand's southernmost provinces, it should be interesting to ask who is really behind terrorism both in Thailand and the world. This interesting EIR article - http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2008/3548letter_albright.html - shows that the United Kingdom has been supporting terrorism, and that several countries have protested. As you can read, it is not an offence to plot and conduct terrorist operations overseas in Britain. This means that if some terrorist conduct an terrorist operation in i.e. Narathiwat, Pattani or Bangkok from London, that is no offence. I have never heard about any such connection in the Southern Thailand case, but it could be interesting for thais to know about UK support for terrorism anyway. One should mark that the political movement behind the EIR magazine (the LaRouche movement) is not always serious. It has still provided some really good articles and books. And when articles come with sources, I find it meaningless not to use them.

Anyway, the organisation Fampo has given a balanced description of the organisation behind EIR here: www.fampo.info/LHL.html

After short time, the posting was removed. Strand posted it again the next day (local time), but it was removed again. Some people in Bangkok Post seems to have disliked what Strand wrote.