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14.03.18. Investigating of Massive Child Trafficking Ring Exposes Police Facilitating Horrific Abuse of 1,000 Kids. Read more
22.02.17. Norway's largest newspaper censors. Read more
18.02.17. Dutch Foreign Minister admits lying about Putin comments. Read more
13.02.18. China's Social Credit system. Read more
02.02.18. Cops kill dog, forces owner to cut off its head. Read more
01.02.18. Corrupt Cops Admit To Keeping BB Guns to Plant On Unarmed People They Kill. Read more
24.01.18. Italians can now report fake news to the police. Read more
16.01.18. "Ukraine on Fire" - a documentary on the coup d'etat in Ukraine 2014. Read more
18.11.17. Child Protection millionaire fired after mixing roles. Later, he worked in the neighbouring municipality. Read more
13.11.17. Sheriff & Deputies Indicted for Locking Down Entire School & Sexually Assaulting Kids. Read more
02.11.17. An example showing Twitter's double standards. Read more
31.10.17. Five ominous revelations from the JFK files. Read more
24.10.17. State Surveillance For Every Child In Scotland? Read more
20.10.17. Newly Passed Law Will Jail Parents if Their Kids are Caught Bullying. Read more
17.10.17. Mainstream Media Just Admitted Hollywood Infested With "Child Sex Trafficking". Read more
17.10.17. Weinstein Tip of the Iceberg, Former Victims Expose Hollywood's Organized Pedophilia Ring. Read more
15.10.17. 70+ Children missing from Kansas state foster care. No one is stopping it. Read more
08.10.17. Rule of law abandoned in Woolwich Crown Court. Read more
01.10.17. France: The Dangers og Permanent Emergency Legislation. Read more
22.09.17. Study shows that radiation from cordless phone base station affects the hearth. Read more
20.09.17. Cop found not guilty despite of video of him plotting to kill and then killing man. Read more
13.09.17. Sheriff Who Trump Pardoned Protected Pedophiles by Refusing to Investigate 100s of Child Sex Crimes. Read more
12.09.17. Cop Fired for Attacking Innocent Elderly Vet Gets Termination Reversed & Back Pay. Read more
03.09.17. Cop attacks nurse for refusing to break the law. Read more
27.08.17. Cops turn off dash cam while beating surrendered man. Read more
26.05.17. Good Cops Demoted for Leaking Video of Bad Cop Beating Innocent Woman. Read more
12.05.17. NYT Cheers the Rise of Censorship Algorithms. Read more
23.02.17. Freedom of speech under attack - where are the reactions? Read more
23.02.17. Italy debates fines and prison terms for people who spread fake news. Read more
07.02.17. Cop threatening fake charges against innocent man. Read more
05.02.17. Romanian government withdraws corruption decree. Read more
04.02.16. New Danish law can lead to substantial internet censorship. Read more
02.02.17. Romanian government decriminalize official misconduct. Read more
30.01.17. Isolated incident? Half of entire police dept fired, quit amid corruption probe. Read more
24.01.17. Raw desinformation Dagsnytt atten. Read more
22.01.17. Robert C. Kane - Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette. Read more
17.01.17. An example of Facebook censorship. Read more
06.01.17. Fire chief arrested for preventing a cop form making a fire worse. Read more
04.01.17. What "community standards" did these comments breach? Read more
03.01.17. Greenwald: Guardian engaged in 'journalistic fraud' in Assange interview rewrite. Read more
01.01.17. Police union chief 'reprimanded' for doxxing innocent woman who made video of him speeding. Read more
24.10.16. Cop threatened and mistreated for reporting corruption in his own department. Read more
27.09.16. Michigan student suspended for taking picture of disgusting school water. Read more
26.09.16. Video exposes cops as liars. Read more
21.09.16. Kuwait plans to create a huge DNA database of residents and visitors. Read more
19.09.16. Threats against Kåre Torvholm and his family. Read more
14.09.16. Theresa May's Surveillance Bill is Chilling. Read more
13.09.16.Cops shoot and kill man in his own backyard as he eats chicken wings. Read more
15.08.16. Cop arrests innocent woman for filming him. Read more
07.08.16. Thai referendum: Military-written constitution up for approval. Read more
05.08.16. Two LAPD cops who sue the department. Read more
08.07.16. Cop falsely targets people to make extra cash - avoids all charges. Read more
Read more about the state's attourney involved - Anita Alvarez - here.
08.05.16. Fed employee gets measly $2K fine for stealing secrets and giving them to Goldman Sachs. Read more
10.04.16. Google Acknowledges Data Mining Student Users Outside Apps for Education. Read more
07.04.16. Panama Papers - will we learn the whole truth? Read more
23.03.16. Judge found guilty of bribery gets sentenced with $25 fine. Read more
23.03.16. The Norwegian Newspapers Romerikes Blad and Østlandets Blad censor. Read more
19.03.16. UK Undermining Human Rights. Read more
09.03.16. Computer programmer testifies under oath he coded computers to rig elections. Read more
06.03.16. Threats against Kåre Torvholm. Read more
26.02.16. Secret services wanted to spread damaging information. Read more
18.02.16. The Internet of Things and Surveillance. Read more
15.02.16. When Criminals Rule the World. Read more
07.02.16. Northampton county court admission. Read more
02.02.16. Danish teacher given official warning after criticising school administration. Read more
31.01.16. Who was Winston Churchill? Read more
30.01.16. Still got a licence to be a cop after crashing patrol car while drunk, using cocaine and killing a teenager. Read more

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